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GIGANTIC 3rd Anniversary Collection Update- Snivy, Espurr, Meowstic, Espeon, Treecko, Steven Stone

Hello everyone! It is finally the time you have all been probably not waiting for- my super big third anniversary collection explosion of a post! This will be VERY IMAGE HEAVY so I will try to break everything down into multiple cuts. I hope you all enjoy, because it has been many months since I have been able to post a collection update!

And here's a randomly fun preview picture to catch your attention~

Hello there, my name is Jessica, but you can just call me Princess Snivy! I have been an avid Pokemon fan as far back as I can remember. Watching the Pokemon anime as a kid and playing Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy Color are some of the fondest childhood memories I have! Although Pokemon has been a passion of mine for my entire life, I started seriously collecting about 4 years ago. I stalked the community as an outsider before finally joining in December three years ago, and I seriously can't believe how far this beautiful group of friendly fellow collectors has taken me on my journey as a Pokemon master collector. I have met so many amazing friends through Pokemon collecting and blogging. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities and happiness PKMNCollectors has brought me!

If you want to know anything more about me, feel free to DM me or leave a comment! <3

My main collections include the Snivy line and Espurr line. I also have very large side collections for Espeon and the Treecko line, and have recently started collecting Steven Stone merchandise ever since his revival in ORAS as everyone's (mineral-loving-silver-haired-dreamboat) boyfriend. xD

I have also decided to side collect TWO MORE POKEMON and you can figure out which two by reading more through this post!

Before you delve further into my post, here a picture of the FIRST piece of merchandise I ever owned as a kid. I vividly remember picking it out at the grocery: a Pikachu coin holder keychain! There was also a Bulbasaur, but I picked this one instead. I always feel nostalgic whenever I hold this Pikachu. :')

Now, onto my main focus as a collector!

Here's what I had 3 years ago upon joining:

…And now it has evolved into this!

Here's my shelf for things that aren't flats but aren't plush! One of my most notable collection pieces would be my Lottery shiny Snivy kid figure. I'm truly sorry for the poor lighting in these photos- I keep this shelf in the back-most part of my closest, so it's difficult to photograph. If you need a better picture of anything in my collection, never be afraid to ask! :3

On the wall next to my shelf are some small keychain plush, flats, and cute drawings from friends! But there you will also find another brilliant get- a Snivy Settei! I absolutely adore this gorgeous artwork featuring Snivy from the anime. It's not something you can find everyday for your collection!

As far as plush go, I have so many that they simply don't fit all in one space! The smaller batch sits next to my Espeon collection, and is made up of my favorite Snivy plush. The shiny Snivy TOMY plush was my ultimate holy grail, and I still feel fortunate to own one. The smaller shiny Snivy was a gift from a talented friend, and it is dressed up as my favorite anime character! BONUS COOKIES IF YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS!

But that doesn't conclude my collection- Here's a photo of my beloved sleeping Snivy plush next to the first Snivy I ever owned, the Pokemon Center Snivy plush! The small Snivy is my travel buddy named Lotus, after my in-game Snivy. I bought her when Black and White first came out in Japan, because I knew Snivy would be my favorite Pokemon upon seeing its first image in the Coro-Coro leaks! Sleepy Snivy is probably my favorite Snivy plush ever. Its softness is unbelievable! Nothing could ever compare!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to also find another grail from fellow member docgerbilsworld- a 1:1 Snivy! This guy is ridiculously big! I don't think I've ever owned such a heavy plush. (and trust me, you'll see more biggies further down this post!)
I was concerned that I'd never find a reasonably priced one in good condition, but I never gave up looking, and I'm so glad I finally obtained it! <3

Next up is my first collection of psychic kitties- Espurr and Meowstic! Just like with Snivy, the instant Meowstic's Coro-Coro images leaked, it was love at first sight. I was especially excited at the thought of starting a collection with a new generation line of Pokemon, since I would have a fair chance to obtain all the merchandise that would become scarce and difficult to find in the future. My collection is filled with little gems that I truly believe will fit that category in a few years to come, and I'll be the one laughing for once! >:D (Sorry, I just really hate how many times I've felt scalped when it comes to collecting older merchandise.)

So here would be my Espurr and Meowstic main shelf! As you may notice, the side walls are a little bald in some spots, but that is because I made the decision to keep the majority of all my collection flats in ONE BIG OLD BINDER! I have about 25 pictures of the binder, but I'll save that for another time… Because it would be ridiculous to make this post that long… Once again, if you need better pictures of anything, just let me know!

Since plush are too big for my main shelf, the rest flood over to my big wall shelf that holds many different kinds of merchandise! ((that aren't mostly books lol)) But hey, do you see a kitty that is a little… suspicious? And no, it's actually not Kyubey. Even though that cat is the most suspicious feline in the universe.

I'm actually talking about this little fellow in the corner! This is Lucifer, and he is one of the elusive TOMY plush Espurrs that has evaded fellow psychic kitty collectors for years. At first I thought he was a prototype, but now a few others in the world have caught wind of these in stores. Let me know if you've found one, I'm genuinely curious how rare these actually are! And I have two amazing Twitter friends that need one for their own collections too, so I'm on a hunt for their sakes!

Last but not least, my 1:1 Meowstics and my travel buddy, Mikasa the Espurr Pokedoll, along with the coffee cookie tin that features both Meowstics that sits on my desk!

When I first joined the community, I jumped right on the Eeveelution promotion hype that traveled for a good many years, but I slowly realized that having a "main" collection of Espeon would only lead to frustration and debt. So I started to pull the reins and stop maintaining this collection as much as I used to, since collecting any Eevee evolution can get out of hand very quickly! Regardless, Espeon has a very special place in my heart, and I am actually most proud of her display out of any of my collections. I call it the Espeon shrine, and it surprisingly has a few very rare items to boast!

So there you have it, that's my little shrine to my favorite Eeveelution! I'd like to point out my favorite recent get as my clear Espeon kid, something I never thought I'd possibly find for sale! Now if only I could find the clear attack kid… Big thanks to the kind havvaiibabe for selling me it!

Also, since this does feature Espeon, I received the Eeveelution spectrum blanket over the holidays to help me through a rough surgery, and it's the best thing ever! SO SOFT! I feel fortunate to have obtained one before they sold out!

Hoenn starters all have a very special place in my heart, but after having Will the Treecko as my loyal partner on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I knew I had to start side collecting another confident grass reptile starter! I think it greatly compliments my Snivy shelf that lies below. My favorite item has to be the DX terrycloth Pokedoll (it's ridiculously squishy) and the Sceptile Pokedoll!

Also, 1:1 Treecko doesn't fit on the shelf, so here he is. XD To kill two birds with one stone, he is next to my big shiny material Piplup, since in PMD I played as Piplup. <3333

Do I even need to explain why I collect Steven..? I mean, he's literally drop dead gorgeous. But unfortunately, since his merchandise is a lot of flats, I never figured out a good way to display anything. Also, since I can't afford to dump all my money on his latest promotion, I just picked up what I wanted most and decided to come to terms with myself. I'll show you a few older pictures (since nothing has changed) and the handful of new items from the promo I obtained!

(So this picture won't let me make it bigger? Sorry!)
IMG_4112 2.jpg
Custom plush from Lexiipantz!

kitzune was the awesome individual that helped me obtain the tapestry, charms, and two blind straps (which had one of the secret rares!!!) for the Steven promotion! I couldn't be happier with the haul! If you EVER need Pokemon Center pickups, I highly recommend Kitzune. She's my go-to gal! <3

Since I love all Pokemon (except the occasional Trubbish and Bidoof) it's normal that I have other items that don't fit into collections! I could go on and on and show you old childhood figures and my thousands of trading cards, but let me be reasonable and show off my plush. ^^'

Here are my big shelves! I plan to get another of these wall shelves in the near future, so look forward to an update when that arrives!

Some childhood plush friends! And yes I do realize Mew is incredibly rare, my father somehow gifted him to me from eBay many years ago, along with the Spheal Pokedoll from above! My dad really has a good eye for collectables and knows how to avoid bootlegs. <3

Recent promotional gets! (With huge thanks to ninetails for Mew and allinia for Eevee)

More Eevees that I simply couldn't resist. It happens to the best of us.

Same story with electric rodents. They just…! You cannot simply avoid them!!! I'm such a hypocrite when it comes to complaining about every single promotion being overloaded with Pikachu, but then I go and buy them anyways. XD I'm planning on adding ultra fluffy TOMY Pikachu to the family soon! (Thank you to moonlightpkmn for picking me up a Worlds 'chu during her trip there!

More friends! I hand picked Zorua from the Black and White mall tour back long ago. Charmander and Piplup lend themselves to my addiction to Mystery Dungeon. Big Diancie was a gift from my parents when they visited NYC and Nintendo World without me, and little Diancie was a gift from classypersian!

Here's a few fire fennecs that snuck into my warm heart! I picked up Fennekin myself the day before XY came out so that I'd have a friend. :3

Apparel! I feel like a Poke-Umaru-chan when wearing my Mega Charizard X poncho from kitzune and stylish when I wear the Eeveelution Time jacket out of the house.

I also wear my Mystery Mansion purse a lot when I leave the house. I know many people want to see pictures of this bag so let me know if I can help!

You're probably asking yourself why I didn't just put this in the cut above. But, guess what?
I have always had a soft spot for the water weasel, and the latest Pokemon Time promotion helped me realize this. I will be making a big update about this side collection once my new shelf and more merchandise comes in, so stayed tune!
On a slightly lesser level, I'm also going to side collect Riolu and some Lucario, simply due to my addiction to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and my OC character, Anubis the Lucario.


Doesn't he look awesome on these old sheets of mine? I named him Mitchell, after my ingame Buizel from Pearl! He will be my next OC!

Some complain that Buizel looks upset in most merchandise. I don't know what you guys are talking about! ;D

Mikasa insisted on a proper examination of the new titan friend. Now all she wants to do is "ride Mitchell into battle". Sigh.

I'm finally DONE! This took so long to make, but was worth the effort! If you managed to read through everything, I send you positive vibes and hugs. <3 Here's what to expect from me in the future:
-new shelf update
-flats binder update
-Buizel collection update
-Riolu/Lucario collection update
-SSS gets
-Trip to Japan pictures in the summer!!!

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I hope to be back with more frequent updates soon, instead of disappearing again!

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