frankthepug0487 (frankthepug0487) wrote in pkmncollectors,

20th Anniversary Pikachu and Mew out NOW!

A few users on 4chan's /vp/ board are reporting that their local Gamestop stores have put out the 20th Anniversary Mew and Pikachu plush early!

Mew is a Gamestop exclusive and retails for $16.99. I would presume Pikachu would also be the same, although other stores may have it cheaper or more expensive (I know Walmart likes to knock theirs down, and Walgreens may knock the price up a bit)

The user mentioned that Pikachu seemed to be poorly designed with the ears being the worst of it. They also mentioned the material is a bit rough compared to other plush but the sheen is interesting. They're a bit heavier than most plushies too.

So, if you're out, check out your local Gamestop store and see if they got their stuff in!
Tags: info, mew, pikachu, plush, pokemon
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