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Charizard Collection Update!

Hello everyone! I got a few Charizard items recently and thought Id show them off.. I also have some wants but I dont have /much/ money atm but if you have anything thats on my list you can always comment and I can see if it is within my budget~!


Updates and wants list link under the cut!

For Christmas I got some Charizard gifts from some people. This little guy was one of them! Its the Diamond MicroBlock Zard! It was really fun to put together, took me an hour or so..

Next is a Charizard pillow pet that my girlfriend got for me! He is so cuddly.. his wings are a bit wonky and it seems like the seam they stuffed him through is a bit weak but if it pops its an easy fix. Derpy yet adorable, I love it!

Lastly is the recall Charizard plush most people are familiar with! I always thought these guys looked a bit odd but after seeing it in person I think it has a cute charm to it. The material is also super soft! No needles are in this guy from what I can tell. He sits safely on my shelf on display in the front!

Thats all the updates I have for my collection!! I love all of them so much ahh <3

Here is my official wants list! Again I dont have much funds at the moment but if you have something Im itching for or something for a good price then let me know!!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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