pepperzark (pepperzark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So this just happened...

So my all loving boyfriend ordered a Pokemon Time Buizel plush for me for our 4 year anniversary which is on February 29th! Cool, right!? Well, my present came in the mail today and I decided that I just had to show it off.


That... doesn't look like a Buizel to me...

I'm not quite sure how this mix up happened? Maybe Buizel got angry. You wouldn't like Buizel when he's angry. He gains chubby weight and turns green. Hulk Buizel = Budew. Solid Math. My boyfriend sent the seller a message in hopes of working something out but I'm not sure how that's gonna go so... Is there anyone who might want a Hulk Buizel AKA Budew?

On a lighter note, the person also sent a new XY TCG pack for free and we pulled a Raticate Break. I love Raticate <3

I know I made a post last night so I'm sorry for cluttering the comm. I just... I needed to post this. I would make this post more meaningful but I already posted sales and any of my other gets either went to my house so are not on me or haven't arrived yet.
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