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end of january sales!

Hi! Here's a sales post for you guys!
Includes lots of Eevees, Raichu Pokedoll, Marill Pokedoll, and the big, fuzzy Banpresto Raichu! ; v ; I hate to part with it, but it's a great deal if you love Raichu!

Feedback is here (and for my older username here), granted in 2012 by allinia.
I ship from the US, dropping packages off at the post office daily.
My home is smoke-free, but has pets. I'll lint-roll any items before they leave, but cat hair has a mind of its own!
I am currently NOT shipping internationally.
Paypal only.
★ NOTE: Priority goes to users who say they are COMMITTING to buy an item over people who ask for QUOTES.

DX Fuzzy Banpresto Raichu -- $100 [Withdrawn from sale]
One of my favorite plush ever, I hate to part with it! In great condition; the ear-thingies are separating, which is apparently a common issue, and is how the plush arrived to me. Apparently could be fixed easily with glue, it's just not my thing! Much less than I paid for it. :P Many Raichu collectors' holy grail. Raichu Pokedoll for scale.

Christmas Eevee (JP, MWT; tag is curved) -- $18 [SOLD]
Tomy Talking Eevee (JP, never had a tag; heavy) -- $20 (Reduced! [SOLD]
Tomy Talking Sylveon (JP, never had a tag; heavy) -- $30 [SOLD]

Standing 2012 Pokemon Center Eeveelutions
Leafeon and Flareon (US, no hang tag) -- $10/each [SOLD]
Eevee, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon (JP, no hang tag) -- $12/each [Jolteon SOLD]

Espeon Canvas (JP, no hang tag) -- $30 (Reduced!)
Pokemon Time Umbreon + Jolteon (JP, hang tag detached) -- $10/each [SOLD]

Fletchling Pokedoll (JP, tag detached) -- $8 [SOLD]
Marill Pokedoll (JP, no hang tag; hard to find, only a few are auctioned every once in a while) -- $60 [LISTED ON EBAY]
Raichu Pokedoll (JP, tag detached) -- $45 [LISTED ON EBAY]

Greninja Pokedoll (US, no hang tag) -- $15 [SOLD]

Pokemon Time Lapras (JP, detached hang tag) -- $15 [SOLD]
Tomy Talking Oshawott (JP, never had a hang tag; heavy) -- $15 [SOLD]
Jakks Politoed (US, no hang tag) -- $15 [ON HOLD]
Custom Mega Charizard -- $20 [SOLD]

The original artist was very generous and gave me a deal on him, so I'd like to pass him on to another collector who would really enjoy him!

Pokemon Center Ninetales (US, no hang tag) -- $18 [SOLD]
Normal Pikazard (JP, detached hang tag) -- $25 [LISTED ON EBAY]
Kuttari Vaporeon (US, no hang tag) -- $9

Everything has been sold and all packages shipped/feedback left, so I'm locking comments.
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