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Collection update coming.

I was in shock this morning when I was reading the news on Yahoo. They had listed the top gifts not to give someone and had put Stuffed Animals on there. I guess they could be right, stuffed animals are a bla kind of gift. However stuffed POKEMON, now THAT is a gift worth getting!
My turtwig collection has grown humongously thanks to you guys and I owe you a collection update. Palkias, munchlax, jigglypuffs, my shelves are just amazing and fill me with joy & happiness thanks to you guys.

I have packages from a bazillion folks around here. I just received a Sunnyshore package(Turtwig Bloks, yay!) , Thanks to Rachelled, Happyjolteon, shiny_vulpix, juumou (oh the grass cube *dies from the cute*, Meowthcollector and bitterwhite for their packages all arriving safely.
 I promised this a while back. Meowthcollector's awesome artwork. I had purchased the way too cool Pikachu bling for Mr. P, and the accompanying artwork was too awesome not to share (Chikorita's grill..whoa!)
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