Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Old 90s Medium-Size Banpresto Figure Auctions Reminder + A Missing Piece want!

Hello folks! Hope you all are well.

My auctions end today in a few hours! Don't miss your chance at these exclusive Banpresto figures! =3

Click here or the picture to be transported!

Also, I have a small want. And I need it asap for a project or else I might have to make it myself ^^;

Does anyone have the tail to the large ~10 inch Japanese TOMY Electronic Talking Lucario figure? I got one a while ago, but he was very used and did not come with his tail. He looks like this (photos not mine, they're from an long-over eBay listing):

Thanks to anyone willing to help! <3
Tags: auction, auctions, blastoise, lucario, mewtwo, pikachu, wanted, wants
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