mystica15 (mystica15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking This Guy!

Hello fellow Collectors! Since this search is proving to be a little more cumbersome than anticipated, I figured I would turn here for a solution. No luck with the official site re-stocking, and the local Toys 'R' Us doesn't seem to have him either.

I am looking for a Pokemon Center Plush of Mega Sceptile to add to my other Mega Dragons. ;D

As close to new MWT as possible, though US would be a little more preffered since I'm not willing to pay more than around $25 usd. If you do however, happen to have one with a Japanese tag I won't be terribly opposed either; being able to haggle a bit would be great!
I'll be able to pay starting the 28th the morning after my direct deposit goes through, as a heads upiate Payment will be immediate after discussing price! I also see the store re-stocked Mega Swampert and Diancie, no Sceptile yet.  Still keeping fingers crossed over the next few days...

To make this post somewhat more interesting, here's a preview shot of someone who likes my lamp post:

Super twin coming...eventually. :B
As an added side note, I'll be posting a wants page for SS over the next few days as well since the deadline for signing up is creeping up fairly fast. :o
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