RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection post

I miss the packages D: well, another collection post!.

From happyjolteon these kids!. Thank you ^^.

Also, are adorable to all!, my favourite? Quilava Quilava Quilava!!!.

This is from bergunty Adorable Latias plush!.

Thank you so much, and thanks for the extra cards!.

This, from my adorable friend rinkatink

I'm glad that you find the Glameow finally! thanks you so muuuuuuch~ :3 (Shaymin's keychain is so cute~).

And these two, is from SMJ.

...Yes, ANOTHER Skymin plush, but I can't help it, I love it!. And my collection of Skitty is very small (VERY!), so it was time to buy the Kid...
And not Skymin chou get, yes...I don't like it XD (Impressive in me).

Well, this is all for today! ^^.
Tags: celebi, combusken, glameow, jirachi, kids, latias, pichu, plush, quilava, shaymin, skitty, skymin, typhlosion, tyranitar
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