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A month of gets, and new JapanLA x Pokemon line and event!

Happy new year, everyone! I haven't posted in awhile, and
I got some neat little gets I haven't had time to show off, so here we go!

First off, I had never bought an Amiibo before and didn't even own a WiiU or new 3DS, but when the Mewtwo Amiibo went on sale in November I knew I had to get one! So I showed up at Toys R Us almost an hour before it opened, made some friends, and brought back more than I had intended...

Yep, I got 3 Amiibo! They were having a buy 2 get 1 free deal, and since I like Greninja I figured I'd get the Pokemon and an Inkling. Maybe she could be a Christmas gift for a friend while the Pokemon would remain untouched on my shelf.

Weeeeeell there was an amazing sale for WiiUs during Black Friday, so as you can probably guess from the photo, I wound up buying one with Smash Bros and Splatoon! So now my 3 Amiibo have gone from completely useless display toys to display toys that I will maybe probably open someday. XD

Next, over the winter break my family went to the US for a vacation! We only had a couple of days of shopping, and I wanted to hit Hop Topic to look for a pair of Pokemon PJ pants I've wanted for almost a year. It was also the last day of the Hoopa event at McDonalds, so I really hoped we could stop by one! Well...

 photo Hottopic and Hoopa_zpstykag9qz.jpg
Not only did I get Hoopa, but the Hot Topic I went to had my PJ pants and these adorable socks! They also had a buy one, get one 50% off sale, so I got a pair of socks at half price and also picked up a little FNAF blindbox figure for my partner (it was Bonny)! I'm so incredibly excited about the PJs, and I've needed new socks! These are packs of 5 and have patterns of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Jigglypuff and Pokeballs, and the other ones feature Eevee, the gen 1 eeveelutions and Sylveon! I can take pics if anyone wants!

Also, I never took a photo of my updated Meowstic f collection!
Meowstic colelction photo Meowstic collection 2016_zpssjye7hyn.jpeg
AHHHH she's so cute! The newest addition is the notebook, which is from my internet friend, Negrek! One of our internet friends invited a bunch of us to her wedding in October, and we had an amazing time bonding over Pokemon and fan fiction, and at the end of it Negrek gave all of us Pokemon gifts, and she gave me a slew of psychic-type goodies
! I haven't had the heart to unwrap the notebook, or my Meowstic bookmarks or phone charms. They're just too precious!

I also went to McDonalds to get a Lugia toy, and it came with a French Meditite card. Totally forgot to take pics though, haha. I'll likely be adding the card to my sales post!

I also got Poke Puffs from a local bakery called Black Velvet Bake Shop! These ones are for humans, but Pokémon can’t seem to keep their paws off them!

My Latias Pokedoll loved it! (It's basically like a cake pop dipped in white chocolate! I just ate one tonight, sooo good!)

Lastly, the news - I was just thinking about the JapanLA Pokemon boutique from last year, and it turns out they are going to be releasing a whole new line of Pokemon stuff, and will be doing a launch party on February 27, Pokemon's 20th anniversary!

Click here for more info! Is anyone planning on going?

And of course, here's a plug for my Sales! Among other things, I have a super cute official Pokemon Valentine's day card that can be shipped to arrive in time!
Valentine's Day card outside photo Valenfront-1.jpg

Thanks for reading!

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