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A Massive Mail Day + A Wants Post Before SSS!

A got a HUGE box in the mail today. You can probably guess what was inside....

After lugging the package back to my room and wrestling with FJ's tough tape job, I opened it up to find...
PokeTime Buizel!!
I know we've already had quite a few posts about him but I couldn't help sharing ;-;

Yeah, I caved and bought this guy as a birthday gift for myself (which is tomorrow!) He was just too cute, and I figured I could make use of him as an actual pillow (which justfies how much space he takes up, lol). I've been a small fan of Buizel since I trained one in DPPt. I ordered this one off Amazon JP just a day before they shipped and sold out on the 15th.

I knew he'd be big, but truly a better word is massive. As you can see below, he's basically half my size, and maybe even the same width as my upper torso. Specifically, he's about 2'10" long including the tail (which is 12" alone).

And just take a look at that snout SNOOTER!

The tum!

I hope those of you who don't have the cushions yet (and want one) are able to get them!
I would love to see more pictures of Togekiss and Budew too from anyone who owns them. nashey88, has your toge arrived yet? :)

I also recieved a package from happyjolteon's etsy store Lightning Kitty Sales!

A Lucario tomy pose figure to match my Weavile! I will say, Lucario isn't quite as nice as Weavile is in real life. He looks pretty good in this photo, but his body is twisted strangely as if he's looking behind him, and imo his head is too big for his body. He also tends to lean back, even when you secure his paws to the base.
That said... I'm hoping that at some point in the near future, I can get him the same custom treatment as my shiny weav who was lovingly repainted and re-based thanks to lureche. I don't want to make any plans yet, but I think he'd look quite good in shiny form :)

Also thought I'd show off this swing charm set I got off Y!J a couple of months ago. (I don't think I ever made a post with it, at least...) featuring two of my faves!

I have a bit of exciting news as well - I was just hired for a higher position at my current job! I'll be working 30 hours instead of 11 per week and at a much higher wage. I'm super excited to be making quite a bit more money, which means I might have a bit more to spend on Pokemon :D I won't be starting for a couple weeks, but even so....
I thought I'd post my wants list before SSS starts anyway and see if anyone is selling some of the more rare things on here. (Some of the more easily obtainable things I may not be interested in buying at the moment). Please take a look!

I've also decided to revamp my collection site, which hasn't been used or updated in quite some time now. It's nowhere near done yet, but I still couldn't wait to drop a little link :> I'll make a real post about it once it's finished.
Finally, please check out my old sales post here. Pretty much everything is still available!

Hope you're all doing well! I've tried to be a little more active lately. Even if I don't comment, I still love seeing everyone's updated, and talking a bit even if I'm slow to reply. :) 
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