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Pokemon Time Togekiss!

So as someone who's been wanting to start up a collection for my favorite funny shaped bird-thing, Togekiss- I immediately jumped at the new Pokemon Time plush because GIANT PLUSH ARE THE BEST. Anything that is the perfect size to hug is a must, and this Togekiss is very huggable!

Look how soft it isssss~

The Togekiss belly with it's little stitched triangles. Each triangle is about the size of a bottlecap.

Togekiss has been adopted by my cat who thinks it's the best new snuggle pillow.

With cat and pokedoll for scale. Even the smaller points on Togekiss are taller than my little Espurr. And this is my tallest cat too. The edge of the tank you can see to the right is about 12" tall, and even laying down, Togekiss is taller from belly to top point.

And its new home. Which is pretty much a roof to the little cavern of plush. It's so wide even two DXs look small under it!

Honestly, if you are a fan of any of the three lucky pokes that got one of these plush, I would definitely recommend it. They are well-stuffed, making them firm enough that they don't flop around but still squishy. The colors are so vivid and they make for the best pillows/cuddle plush. I've been glued to mine since it arrived it's so soft. It's definitely worth the cost, even with the extra shipping since they are SO BIG and HEAVY for a plush.
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