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collection update!

So I recently acquired some items that I'm very proud to of found!
All plush so sorry for people who collect other things.

My shelf- newest gets. I got Diancie from target. My boyfriend bought me Goomy at walmart when he also got me Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (Which I've been wanting for a while)

The Gang!

US Zoroark Pokedoll! I got him up at target. Had a 10$ gift card so thought why not? Also had darjrai and a hoopa bound plush. They wanted 30$ for hoopa. like wow. hes 16.99 on Pokecens website.

US Regigiggas pokdeoll! Hes not mint but he has a great personality

Yvetal Pokedoll! I had X as my choice game and wasnt a huge fan of Yvetal, but his plush was just so cute i had to get the set. I am now a fan of him :D

Xerneas! This guy is big, and mine stands up on his own. Definitely one of the cutest!

Arceus Pokecen. This was my replacement for one i got that had a hole in it.

Got myself a set of Rotom Pokdeolls for a great price!

Ended up with this set for a whopping 65$! A set sold recently for 200$ on eBay. So I'm happy.

this is just my bookshelf in my boyfriends apartment, where I'm moving soon! (YAY) I collect a bunch of stuff, some isnt even pictured due to the bookshelf being too small... sigh
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