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Auction Reminder and Raikou Star Sale

Hi! This is a quick reminder post for my 1/1 Cyndaquil auction, which ends in under 6 hours and is still at the starting bid. You can reach it here:

Tomy 1/1 Cyndaquil Plush
Cyndaquil Auction

I'm also looking to sell my English-language Raikou Star card. It's been kept in sleeves (and sleeves in binders) most of the time I've had it, and I don't see any scratches or other flaws on it. The photo makes it look like it has more of a bend to it than it really does.

Raikou Star TCG Card


Also, in case you missed the last post, my Storenvy store, Lightning Kitty, has reopened. You can use the code 'COLLECTORS' to get a 15% discount! (However, I'm planning to close up shop again in late March, so don't wait too long to get any items you might be after.)

(The link above is to the Pokemon items in the shop, but you can use the code whether or not you buy Pokemon items.)

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse.
* My community feedback can be found here.

* I will be shipping from the US (61801) by USPS. Prices do not include shipping, packaging materials, or fees.

* I take payment by PayPal for everything,and can also take check/money order payments from people in the US if the total is over $10.

* I won't sell to pkmncollectors' banned members.
Tags: auctions, raikou, sales
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