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pkmncollectors Group Order!

EDIT:  The order has been placed!  I'll let everyone know when the items arrive, which should hopefully be around Friday!

Hey everyone!  I am planning on placing an order on soon, and I decided to open up a group order so that international members can get merch off of the site as well, such as the Kuttaris, Mew Pokedoll, N Nendoroid, or any of the other items available.

group order pokemoncenter.png

Since the items I’m ordering for myself already surpass the free shipping threshold, there will be no domestic shipping charge for people joining the group order.  ;)


-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-My feedback is located here
-Sales permission was granted by arecia96 on 10/20/15

-I have the right to refuse to sell to banned members
-Paypal only
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees
-All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home!
-I ship from Missouri, USA, and I ship internationally

How will this work?
-I will be charging the price of the items + 20% (this will cover my state’s sales tax of 8% and my 12% commission fee).
-Payment is due before I place the order on Monday, Feb 1st

-There will be 2 payments
Payment 1:  Item cost + 20% + PP fees
Payment 2:  Shipping from me to you + PP fees

I can try my best to give out Payment 2 quotes for Pokedolls and other small items, but please understand that because I do not have the items in hand, I my estimates will not be exact.

To place an order please:
     Include the full name of the item + the price listed on the site for each item in your order
                (that way I can be sure that I’m ordering exactly what you want!)
     Your zip code/country

I'd also be happy to combine shipping with items with my sales.
1.  pufferfish123        [Fletchling Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 4 1/2", Venusaur Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 5 1/2", Fletchling Fletchinder Talonflame Pokémon Minis (Evo 3 Pack), Chikorita Pokémon Petit Plush - 3 3/4", Diglett Pokemon Petit Plush]
2.  _melee_                [Love My Pokémon Adult Relaxed Fit Crewneck T-Shirt" (Adult Small size)]
3.  umbreyena           [Litleo Poke Doll (Standard Size) 4 3/4", Litleo Poke Plush (Standard Size) 5 1/2", Ampharos Pokemon Petit Plush 4", Fall Fennekin Socks (One Size - Adult), Magikarp Mid-Calf Socks (One Size - Adult), Eevee Doodle Crew Socks (One Size - Adult)]
4.  erlanai                    [Mew Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 6 1/2"]
5.  pikabulbachu        [Venusaur Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 3 3/4"]
6.  mercurrix               [Mew Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 6 1/2"]
7.  tatsumikurosaki   [Mew Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 6 1/2"]

Thanks for looking!
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