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Trading for Morty & Haunter Merch/Customs & Sales Post

Hello everyone! :) It's been a while since I actually made a post on here, but I think it's about time that I become slightly more active, haha. Right now I'm focusing on my Haunter and Morty collection because BROTP, and I've updated my trades post with more items that I'm willing to exchange for some great merch of these two (either together or separately). I'm especially struggling with finding Morty merch and customs in general, so I would definitely jump at the chance for custom figures, sculptures, etc. of Morty.

Here are the items that are up for trade. There's Banpresto Poochyena plush, Latias Pokedoll, Angry Pikazard, Lugia Pokedoll, Banpresto Manectric, and others, which means I'm not really looking for more plushes as I'm trying to clear out some of mine out of my personal collection. I'm also willing to trade any items from my sales post as well for these guys, which might be to your advantage because I'm less picky about what I'm looking for if I'm trading items from my sales posts. Here are my specific wants to help you out, but remember: Morty & Haunter take priority.

Since there's not much official merch out there of them, here's what I'm looking for:
- figures of Morty (TFG figure style without the base would be ideal)
- sculptures of Morty
- any sort of 3D models of Morty
- figures of Haunter
- sculptures of Haunter
- any sort of 3D models of Haunter

Basically anything that I can use in photography would do nicely. Again, if you have anything else that you can make or that you have of them, feel free to let me know and maybe we can work out a trade. Just know that the higher priced items in my trades list are going to anyone who can meet the specific requirements.

I think I managed to update all my old sales posts with everything I sold recently, so I'm opening my sales again officially. I'll probably be adding more things later when I get around to it. (Please don't ask me when.) Remember: commitments take priority over quotes. If you're vague, then you might lose out on an item. I'm also currently not accepting any holds.

Haunter sculpture made by the brilliant
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