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Newest wave of Pokemon Time figure straps!

Hello all! Today I'm excited to post about the full set of the newest wave of Pokemon Time figure straps. Some of you know that Pokemon Time figure straps are one of my oddball, specific collections and I own most of them.

I was so excited to see this latest release - great selection of Pokemon, and random bookmarks to accompany them, which I'm strangely fond of.

(Click for fullsize photos) I'm impressed! The details are great, as always, and their sizes are solid - not too long (i.e. the 2013 & 2014 waves) and not too tiny (i.e. the 2011 wave). Shoutout to Miki (kitzune) who responded to my post and performed superb pickups of these for me ^-^ They arrived super fast and she selected nice ones, no paint defects or anything!

Here's the newest display. I haven't hung my straps up until a few weeks ago when I finally got some hardware to hang a plaque with all of these. It's definitely not the most attractice display and I'm not super proud of it, but it's the affordable option until I figure something else out. I don't like my collections being boxed up... like, what's the point?


I know a lot of people were posting about trading or buying bookmarks. I do not collect any of the bookmarks, so you can find these in an updated sales post coming in the next couple weeks, along with a handful of older Pokemon Time bookmarks from previous releases.

(Although the Shinx bookmark is SUPER CUTE! I love the little trophies and the plaque with a Shinx silhouette ^-^)
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