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Six Months Gets Post! Updates to Major Collections + Custom Holy Grail Get + Pokedoll Question

Hello community! It's been a while since I posted anything, so I decided to put together and show off my gets that I have gotten over the past six months!

Main Collection: Lugia

(From Top Left to Lower Right) 2015 McDonald's Lugia toy, 2015 Cry Campaign Lugia charm, 2015 Lugia kid figure, 2015 MPC Lugia plush, TOMY pearl colored Lugia figure, 2012 (silver) and 2009 (black) Lugia Dex charms, Lugia figure (possibly from the second movie Japanese toy set?), custom derpy Lugia plush by bubble_rhapsody, European Lugia candy figure, clear Lugia kid figure, Lugia minicot, (Next Photo) 2012 Lugia bath toy.

The majority of my Lugia gets are small (literally ), but I love them all! I'm glad to see Lugia got another official plush release for 2015 and I am still working on looking for other Lugia items that came out during the 18th Pokemon movie this summer. I was so happy that I got one of my main Lugia grails: the Lugia minicot figure, and I also really adore the custom Lugia that I commissioned from bubble_rhapsody, he's just so precious with his derpy face. :3 I highly recommend commissioning from her, she is a very talented plush maker!

Main Collection: Lapras

2015 Lapras Secret base dolls (the bigger one on the left if the Japanese version and the smaller one on the right is the American release), 2015 Pokemon Petit Lapras plush (left with ball chain is Japanese release, right with blue clip is American release), Pokemon Petit Lapras strap, Pokemon Time Lapras strap, 2009 Lapras Dex charm, Lapras minicot.

So many cute and surprising gets for Lapras! I really love the Secret Base dolls and the material that they used is incredibly soft. I was really surprised that the American release for the dolls are smaller than the Japanese release and I didn't know there was a size difference until a friend pointed out to me about that with the other dolls. Weird, huh? I have two Lapras Petit plushies because I bought one to use on my purse (the American one) and Lapras Petit finally has a strap! Speaking of straps, I was so happy that someone contacted me about that they were selling their Pokemon Time Lapras strap and I happily purchased it! This, and the minicot, were major Lapras grails of mine and I'm happy I got them both!

Main Collection: Goomy

(From Top Left to Bottom Right) 2015 Goomy Campaign vibrating plush, TOMY Goomy plush, 2015 Pokemon All Stars Goomy plush, 2015 Banpresto Goomy plush, 2015 Goomy campaign strap, 2014 Goomy kid figure, 2015 Banpresto MPC Goomy plush, 2015 Pikachu Carnival Goomy plush, 2014 TOMY Goomy vibrating plush. (Next Photo) 2015 Goomy Campaign Gashpon figures, 2015 Metal Goomy figure. (Next Photo) Pokemon Center "We're Goomy!" Campaign items: socks, throw blanket, mug, and women's shirt.

So many Goomys! I hit quite the buying spree for Goomys late last year between plush releases and the PokemonCenter.com picking up the Goomy campaign for the US. My favorite items have to be the TOMY vibrating plush because of the really soft material that they use for the plush, the gashpon figures with how cute they are (I hope to complete the collection this year), and the throw blanket for keeping me warm all these winter days (plus it's an awesome Christmas gift from my family)!

Main Collection: Milotic and Lanturn

Pokemon With You Milokaross/Milotic button, Pokemon Petit Milotic plush (American release).

Only two items this time around for Milotic and none for Lanturn. I was able to find the charity button for Milotic and I decided to buy the US release of the Milotic petit plush for my purse (and she is still there as we speak).

Minor Items:

Greninja Pokedoll (US release) and Chikorita Secret Base Doll (US release).

Back in December, I finally got to go to New York City for the very first time and I was able to go to the Nintendo World store! I loved it there and I was happy to get to go their before they closed up for renovations this winter. There were so many Pokemon items that I wanted, but I settled for these two guys to bring back home with me. I was surprised to see Greninja there because he wasn't being sold online on the Pokemon Center and he goes for about twice the price on eBay.

Sleeping Kuttari Vaporeon plush (US release), I LOVE Eevee HQ plush, 2015 Christmas campaign Eevee plush (Japanese version), I LOVE Eevee Vaporeon plush strap.

I got new some Eevee related items these past few months. My favorite out of all these is the Christmas Eevee plush that was released in Japan. She is really soft with a cute winter cape, a sweet bell, and such a beautiful tag. It's a shame that her US release was met with mix feelings since the US release didn't have the cute bell and they used generic tags to promote her with.

Pokemon Petit Wailord plush (Japanese release), Keldeo Resolute Forme Pokedoll (US version), Pokeball mug, 2015 McDonald's Primal Kyogre toy, 2015 giant Wailord plush (US release), Pikachu socks (US release), Pokemon Time Togekiss plush cushion.

More minor items that I have gotten over the few months. The Kyogre toy was a gift from my fiance when he was out working at his job and the socks were another Christmas gift I got last year. I adore my giant Wailord and Togekiss plushies, they are so soft and huggable darlings (but why is Togekiss more blue than white for her plush? So she won't stain easily? ).

And to finish off my gets from these past six months, here is my last get. I consider this a custom holy grail since it is similar to a holy grail item I have been looking for such a long time and this item is amazingly well done and so similar to the official item. Here he is:

Custom Giant Lugia Plush!

Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start with this big guy. He is made of minky with velour for his eye patches, back plates, and flukes, iron-on plastic for his eyes, embroidery mouth, and wired in his wings so he can be posed differently if desired.

He's about three and a half feet long from nose tip to tail tip (I'm 5' 7") and he gives the best hugs!
He was a birthday gift to me from my fiance and he was commissioned from an artist all the way in Russia (he was even caught up in customs for a week or so back when tensions got really high between Russia and the US a few months ago). He hangs out with me on my bed and he is a great to cuddle with. <3

That's the end of my gets for this post, but I did have a quick question. For those in the US and have been to Target, has there been a variety of US release Pokedolls? I was able to find these four at one of my local Targets where I live at and I was curious if there were more releases other Pokedolls or was it just these four guys at the moment.

Thank you all for reading and have a good day/ night!
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