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Purreautiful Collection~♡

Hi everyone! Lumi here again ♡ This time, I'm making my favorite post so far!


Introducing my new Purreautiful collection! ☆

I had my birthday a couple of days ago and I decided to get myself some things I have wanted for way too long! Purugly is my all time favorite Pokémon, and I want to collect any possible merch available. There is still plenty to go, but I got off to a great start, thanks to some awesome community members! ♡

Lets start! :3

First of all, I got 2 pan stickers and two amadas from splash

They all arrived in perfect condition with the sweetest thank you note~ ♡ And Splash was so patient with me asking stupid questions. ; u ; Thank you again for everything!

I got this half-of-a-bookpage from m14mouse! Thank you for the easy transaction. :3

Since most of Puruglys merch is flats, I got five great flats from haepbrosonearth! They were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. In the square sheet, there is a Purugly. :D Just hard to see the small thing ♡ Thanks for giving me a huge boost on my collection!

I got the MOST adorable coloring page from sorjei, I just love it so much! The paper is very thick and sturdy! :) It's gonna look great on my Purugly wall~ Btw, this is one of my favorite canon arts of Purugly. :3

Then, the wonderful ku_bek sold me three pages of Purreautifullness. I am so happy! Thank you ♡

I purchased a book page and an adama from pkmnsuicune! I was super happy that they had the adama Splash didn't, because now I have all three available! ^^ SO AWESOME!

That would be it for the flat puchases I made in the comm. Thanks again, everyone! I really appreciate it. ☆

But yeah, I said flats! I also got this zukam from hantsukihaunter! It was so well packaged and arrived minty as could be~
Yes, it is still in its wrapping because I am making room for my new collection and all the things are in storage for a while. If I would take it out and put it together, it would very likely get broken or lost. *n*

I was looking for a Purugly kid EVERYWHERE. I finally found one in the comm when I was just looking at peoples kids sales :D The seller was kind enough to give me a free Glameow as well! :3 So super sweet~♡
Unfortunately, I do not remember whom I purchased them from! :C I feel awful and since it was almost a month ago, I can't find the post from my phones history. If you regocnise yourself, please let me know! I want to thank you and leave positive feedback! ^u^

I also made couple of purchases outside of the community.

I got these Purugly cards from Amazon with an $5 giftcard I hadn't used. ^u^ I think my next step in collecting will be to get the few cards I'm missing.

I also got these magnets, supposedly official products? :0 I was rather surprised at how TINY they were. There was no size reference of any kind so I just assumed they'd be a bit bigger than my thumbnail. :D Just look at them next to the kid! xD I still love them, though. ♡

Thank you so much for reading this post! ^_^ And a special thanks to all the sellers! You made this possible. I WILL LEAVE YOU ALL POSITIVE FEEDBACK TOMORROW!

Seriously, this is the happiest I have been as a collector. :3 I love collecting all kinds of plush and other merch because there are SO many Pokémon I just adore! ^3^ And I won't stop doing that, I love it. But there's just something about collecting your one-and-only. ♡

I have big plans for displaying all these beauties! :3 I'm gonna get frames and teeny tiny shelves for the figurines + other merch to come! It's gonna be soooo cute! *3* ♡

I am also working on a VERY organized Purugly collection checklist. :3 I just love this beautiful, chubby furball~

Oh, and my real life Purugly, Samuli says hi! :3

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