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Reintroduction post! (Under a new name! :3)

Hi everybody! Some users might remember me as “goldenfennec”, it’s been quite a while! I’ve been in the community for a few years now and in the past months/year?? I haven’t been able to be nearly as active… (ok actually I’ve been kinda dead but I still checked on the community posts quite frequently XP)
Anyways I want to try to be more active here again, and I changed my username to match where I am on all other sites! (deviantart, furaffinity, tumblr, etc, etc.)
Now that Pokemon’s 20th anniversary is coming up I feel that I need to be back here in time!! (Honestly I'm freaking out about it so much haha)

Sadly now that I’m in college I probably won’t be able to buy much… but I still want to be a part of this community again! (and purchase things here and there while I live off ramen X’D)

For now I'll show off the collection that I have currently~

This is mainly just my games/books shelf, it’s probably the least unique…. Still, I’m proud enough as a novice collector to have all the Gameboy color versions XD (minus Japanese Green ver.) I don’t even know why I kept all the children’s chapter books haha
Also that orb in the left corner is actually a round puzzle! :D

When I was little I was probably mostly obsessed with figures, especially Tomy ones! I remember my biggest yardsale find was probably when I was about ten and somebody was selling a huge gallon bag of Tomy’s for about $20! My favorite brand now is actually the Jakks figures, sad to see that ended :(
I need to find a better way to display the poor figures in the back XD

I think this definitely isn’t as impressive as most people’s plush collections, but I still love them X3
Most of these were yardsale finds, hence a bit damaged (poor charmander!) But some are Pokemon Center pokedolls from when my dad took business trips to Japan <3

Lastly my mains! As you can tell I’m a huge fox lover (hence the username) so of course what I’ve collected are fox Pokemon! Many of these I got when I took my first trip to Japan with my dad! (that was a dream come true *w*) Also some things from the community, A wooden Fennekin sculpture by xofox on DA, and many pins from Anime conventions haha. I'm SUPER stoked that Ninetales finally got a plush <3 I also try to collect Jirachi but most of that is in TCG ^^; (I have wayyy too many TCG, that would be another post in itself! :T) (Also not pictured is my artist Pikachu monthly plush, because I currently go to an art specific college ^w^)

Since I haven’t been able to buy from the community lately, I haven’t been able to start up new collections much ^^; I THINK I eventually want to mainly collect Jirachi, Vulpix/Ninetales, and Umbreon/Espeon because I love celestial things and Sun/moon foxes yes <3 (I want to try to avoid being a full eeveelution collector, it’s so expensive and I completely respect people who do it!) I always have a weird looming feeling that some other Pokemon will be released and I'll want to change my main collection?? ergh... Anyways, here and there I might also pick up things of Aurorus, (I love the Aurora Borealis!!) but that would be a minor collection ^^;

I don’t have money to buy anything big right now, but soon I really want to get anything with the “Winter Aurora” picture in my userpic! I missed out on the promotion and it’s probably my favorite Pokemon art that I’ve seen!!

Thanks so much for those who read through all of that, I’m very excited to be more active again on here, and I am STOKED for the 20th anniversary!! 8D <3
Tags: collection, jirachi, ninetales, vulpix
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