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Buizel Merchandise Wanted! + Mew 20th Anniversary Plush Get!

Hey everyone! I'm back with wants for my recently announced side collection: Buizel!

Show me WHATEVER official Buizel merchandise you have for sale; plush, figures, flats, you name it!

I'm not super familiar with what merchandise Buizel has to offer, so that's why I'm open to whatever you have to show me! (Just please, no customs/art. I'm only looking for official merchandise at the moment!)

I only have a little bit of spare spending money at the time being, but I really wanted to squeeze in this post before Spring Swap applications are finalized so that I can make last minute additions to my wants. I don't want to shop for anything on my wish list until the swap is over, so I'm making this wants post before I modify it! I will be paid more within the next week, so if I can't buy everything I want at the moment, I will get back to you ASAP! :)

Also, please don't be insulted if for any reason I do not want a piece of merchandise! This is a side collection. I don't want nor need every piece of merchandise I lay eyes on!

In other news, I ran to my local Gamestop as soon as I saw the post regarding 20th Anniversary Mew and Pikachu being released early! I gasped when I entered and found out that my store only had two of each in stock and had just put them on the shelves! I was ecstatic to pick up a cute Mew for myself, since Mew is my favorite legendary! :3

I am actually quite fond of the crushed velvet fabric; it shines so brilliantly! It's not soft, but I'm used to TOMY plush being made with rather coarse fabrics. I think TOMY plush make gorgeously shaped display plush rather than cuddle buddies! I used to own the original Mew TOMY plush made of velboa, but I actually like this version much better.

*If anyone is still searching for either Mew or Pikachu, I'm happy to run back to the store and see if any are still in stock. They sell for $17, and I'd charge $20 before shipping ($3 helps with the taxes and gas to drive there) Just let me know if I can help!*

Thanks for reading! Until next time!
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