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Hello all~

I hope everyone is having a lovely whatever time it is wherever you are (currently it's night time for me). I'll just here for a few updates and a lot for sale.

Welp, two great things under the cut!

Tadaaaaa!!! Finally the Swanna MPC and I got it at a great price! I figured the swap was well enough away for me to at least get this guy :)
So guess what that means! I've completed the plush side of my ducklett/swanna collection! (In total they have 5 plush!) So that's cool! I feel like this collection will become a lower priority compaired to Pumpkaboo now :) (Cause plush are da besssst)

Now the second and even more amazing get!

I'm actually way more excited about this one! Look how gorgeous this custom is!!! chaobu made these for me in a trade and they are everything I was expecting and more! Definitely will be comissioning from her again later. I may even get huge prints of these to hang up on my wall :3

*Note both of my wants and sales are closed for the time being except for the lot on this post*


-I was granted sales permission on October 20, 2015 by areica96.

-My feedback can be seen here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pumpkaboo_patch/

-Prices are in US dollars

-I will not be shipping outside of the US at this time

-I will not sell to banned or non members.

-Paypal only, please!

-Payment after commitment will be expected within 24 hours, unless the need for more time was discussed earlier.

-Please make it clear whether you are committed or not, backing out will result in negative feedback to be left :\

-I ship from Alabama, USA.

-All items come from a smoke free home, but I do have two birds who are in the same room where my collection is kept. I also had dogs at my former house who came in contact with my collection as well.

-Interest in an item comes before commitments, though I will move on to the next person interested if the first one interested does not respond in 5 hours, unless a reason that they cannot respond right away is given beforehand.

-Lastly, let me know when you receive your item and tell me if you'd like feedback, please! Enjoy looking :)

So I'm just trying to get these guys out of here. I'm asking for $100 shipped with fees/tracking/and insurance (OBO) I'm also willing to sell it for $70 if we can do a partial trade for the Gourgeist PC plush.
Here are the conditions:

A deal has been made! Mewtwo is gone, so the lot is now everything but him and is now priced at $75 (OBO) shipped with fees, tracking, etc. I will also be cross posting this, FYI!

Golbatchu- MWT JP (tag curved slightly)
Festivalchu- MWT JP
Froakie pokedoll- TTO US mint
Meowstic pokedoll- TTO US mint
Mewtwo pokedoll- Mint with detached hangtag (has very small creases) JP
Riolu pokedoll- TTO JP mint
Chatot Jakks- TTO good condition
Charizard Y Pokemon center plush- TTO US great condition but has lint stuck to his stomach

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