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Well, I finally did it.

A freak incident earlier today left me really upset, but something later on really helped brighten my day in the form of a 1/40 scale duck straight from Sunyshore.

The kicker of it all?

I now have all of the bird zukans ever released, EXCEPT for the giant Lugia and Ho-oh which are essentially pipe dreams. XP And while I do own the Piplup and Aerodactyl zukans as well, my main collecting focus is on the feathered flying-types (in that case Lugia is pretty debatable, but I totally include him in my bird collecting anyways ♥). I counted all the individual bases and there's eighteen sets total- it's no wonder I was running out of room on my bird shelf!

I apologize for the sheer lack of quality in these pics, but what can I say- my photography skills are sorely lacking. XD

And finally, anyone who recognizes this arrangement will have my undying love forever. (What Plusle and Minun? I'm too busy fangirling these guys.)

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to this community for helping me achieve this goal, whether you've sold one or more of these sets to me or if you've helped me find them available to buy. ♥ Now can we please get a Moltres and a smaller scale Ho-oh so I can truly have 'em all? XP
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