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on a lighter note

Prepare yourself for the cutest backpack in the world that I own:

My friend GAVE this to me ;-; I was ecstatic, I'm not even a big Marril fan but it's so sofffft.

I was so excited I didn't even bother looking inside its zipper compartment till today. Like my old Pikachu backpack, it could probably fit like a CD if I tried real hard. Unlike my old Pikachu backback, however, it had a damn VOICEBOX inside.

I turned it on, thrilled. Nothing. Pressure activated? Tried its tummy, no. Physically pressed the box inside, nothing. Aww. I was idly pressing on random extremities, when upon touching its ear it screamed "ABUHBUHBUH! :D"

Let the records show that it did scare the shit out of me, and I did drop it in terror.

My only curiosity now is, is that what it's supposed to say? The sound quality was remarkably clear for something that is not its name.

Also, psst, cheap Cyndaquil pokedoll over here! It looks a bit loved. But cheap! <3
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