mothsicles (mothsicles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally.. a group picture!!

Hello everyone! I just thought I would show you all a group picture I got of all of my Charizard merch.. so far I have only uploaded them separated as plushies and figures..

Iv never done this before actually, it was really cool to see everything in a pile! I even took a selfie in the pile, I was drowning in Zards!! Pictures under the cut <3

Everything looks so cool all together! I didnt realize I had this much till now.. and the collection is still growing!

And here is me, I wouldnt typically upload a selfie here but I liked how silly it looked surrounded by plushies hahaha <3

When I get time Ill be making some more customs, keep an eye out for those~! I hope yall are having a radical day/evening :>


Tags: charizard
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