m14mouse (m14mouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looky! I made a Legendary+Monthly Gets

I decided to make a Rayquaza last month.  I have no idea why but hey, I just decided that I could.  I forgot to make a preview icon before resize them.  Soo...all of these guys are under the cut.

 photo GEDC0889_zpsdylxifu6.jpg

 photo GEDC0887_zpspyeepx7y.jpg

 photo GEDC0886_zpswmbssh1g.jpg

He actually didn't turn out half bad.  I should made his fins a little long, give more details to the face and maybe made him a little light shade of green.   Although, I like the darker shade of green.  And I broke one of his arms while painting him.  Poor little guy.  Overall, I am kind of impress how he turned out.

 photo GEDC0881_zpsuqddnmbv.jpg

One...Two...Three...>Awww!  He is so cute.  He is.  So...:-P

Next Month:  I have no idea.  I am thinking of doing a weedle wearing a pair of headphones...and kind of dancing.   

 photo GEDC0880_zpsfylch7mm.jpg

So, that clear kid auction (many thanks for clicky797 for the link) that I had awhile was a result of a lot I brought Y!J.  The reason, it has a few figures that I needed for my collections (mainly the clear Gardevoir and Clear Shiftry figures).  I kept Mew and Pika because it was cute.  XD  That was all.   Everything else was picked up from various sales.  ^__^

I am planning a updated sales in a few days because I pick up some new book pages and also adding clear kids that didn't sell.  So, stay tuned!
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