mutt-o (papermutt) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey guys!

A quick question. The other day I purchased a questionable pack of cards at a shop (it has Shinx and Luxray on the box) and when I found my old (1998) box of energy cards, I noticed that the "newer" cards were a lighter blue on the back compared to my old cards. I wonder, are these possibly bootleg? Also, the Swellow card, has several typos. (example: "base dagage", "it" instead of "is", lack of spaces between commas, and other cards with capitalization errors.)

On another note, I was wondering about the price of DarkRai Banpresto plushes, as I found a shop in ChinaTown that carries them for 11$. I almost grabbed one to give away on here, actually. (I know I can't open a sales post yet, but I was thinking of grabbing it and a Christmas one to give away. Then I checked my wallet. XD)

Anyways, sorry if I'm posting too frequently. XD

And thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I love this place so much. ♥
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