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My New Second Official Wanted List, Marshtomp Items Needed!

Hey everyone, I have officially joined the millions of fans who like the mudkip,marshtomp,swampert line. I like all three of those Pokemon but my favourite(as you can see in my display picture) is Marshtomp! I am looking for anything Marshtomp(especially the Banpresto plush which I am so desperate for it has become my holy grail). So check out my new wanted list to see if you have anything I want(mainly Marshtomp) as well as some old wanted items. Theres also a surprise for the Pokemon Movie fans at the end:)

Marshtomp Wanted(alot)!

.Banpresto Plush(hoyl grail, its so cute) and any other plushes of Marshtomp out there if there are any,
.Mudkip Line Zukan,
.Marshtomp Tomy Monster Figure,
.Marshtomp Kid(if one),
.Any other Marshtomp mechandise!

Electivire Wanted!

.Electivire Zukan(hoyl grail!),
.Electivire Pokedoll,
.Electivire amada sticker where he is crossing his arms(the one Growwly recently put up for sale though I couldn't buy it:()!


.Banette Zukan,
.Deoxys Emerald forme Zukan!

Well thats all for now, as you guessed after the recent disputes with ebay I am no longer collecting lickilicky but im in full focus of Marshtomp!

Finally something here for you Pokemon Movie fans!
It looks cool dosent it(Arceus, Fifth Generation Pokemon)? Whats with the Pichu?
A new Pokemon will be revealed at the World Hobby Fair 2009 on January 19th 2009, and looking at previous dates a new generation Pokemon may be revealed in May, July 18th will be a big day for Pokemon fans!

Well thanks again and please help me make my collection good!

P.S Its called "To the Conquering of Space Time"!
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