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Introductions & Pokemon Stackables

Hi! I'm Goomyy, and my sole reason for joining livejournal was this community. ^^; My collection at the moment is very small as I have only recently begun my hunt. The only plush I am truly proud to own are my Kawaii UFO Mewtwo and my land forme Shaymin Pokedoll, but that's not what I'll be talking about today.

Isn't it amazing?? More on the 14 upcoming 'Tsum'-like plush under the cut!

That's right! A 26cm Eevee! That converts to only about 10in, but I was still quite surprised to hear of it from an outside source considering I've been stalking the community posts for well over a month now. The Banpresto plush will be released as part of the new Kororin Friends line presumably through UFO catchers sometime in March (possibly late-March?). No set date has been released yet, but it will debut along with these ~5in little guys.

but this is only the SECOND wave! For what is probably in celebration of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary, the line will debut on February 18th with the Kanto Starters set!

And finally, in early April, the rest of the Eeveelutions will be released.

Aren't they all so adorable! I'm hoping to scoop up all of them minus the smaller Eevee, but I'm scared to find out what the prices are gonna accumulate to x.x

The only thing that might turn me away would be the fabric. I'm extremely new to this, but I THINK Banpresto tends to shy away from velboa and minky fabrics, opting instead for the cheaper, coarser fabrics, and if that's the case for this line, it may not be worth it to me personally when the price tag will most likely add up to well over $100-$200 for all 14...I think?

But what do YOU think of the line? What other Pokemon 'Tsum Tsum' would you want to see in the future? And as a personal question, what kind of fabric does Banpresto generally use? What are the chances, if any, of them using a velboa or minky-type material?
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