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Finally a collection update! And decide to start a new collection!

So I finally got around to doing a collection update! I had been planning from late 2014/early 2015 to do a gets post and then it all spiraled out of control and I never got around to it. And now I've gotten so many new editions that its really time for a collection update, oops haha.

But first! I just got the new minky Mew Pokedoll from and wanted to compare it to my old 2005 velboa one for everyone!
Ahh they are so different! Not just the fabric, but the head shape has really changed. I love them both though, even though they are so different.

And this beauty is what has inspired me to start a new collection!

I finally found an Eeveelution I love significantly more than the rest. Slyveon! I've always been partial to Vaporeon and Espeon, but Sylveon is by far my favorite. I just love that pretty, creppy fairy <3 I think I'll colelct both norml and shiny Sylveons because they are both too cute and pretty!

So I'll start with the smaller side of the room haha, my Eeveelus! This is the one part of my collection that hasnt changed at all is arrangement or plush. ITs the Super DX Eeveelus with their matching pokedolls, witht eh exception of Sylveon. For Sylveon, I didnt like her Super DX material or design so I replaced it with the Talkie plush, a much better fit with the rest of the set in my opinion. My two little Latis snuggling in the back <3

Kuttaris! So I originaly planned on getting just the awake Kuttaris of the Eeveelus, but the sleepy ones were just to cute so... yeah. Now I have them all. But I need to find a better way to display them than just this pile. I kinda want to put them in a giant pyramid somewhere xp

Well I ran out of places to put these big guys so they are stacked in between my dressers haha. My big Jumbo Pikachu from back in 1999! And thats Osha in the back ^^

Here is Holly! I got her for my play through of Alpha Sapphire and I had just happen to get a female Treecko without haveing to reset, so lucky! And I recently got her the Lightsaber from BaB when I made the Chubacca costume for my Pikachu, Pickles! I'm really thinking I'll make her a Rey costume to go with the lightsaber, maybe for the next movie!!! Right now, Holly and Puppy (my first plush love, legs have been swen back on multiple times) are wearing outfits my great grandmother made for my mom's plush when she was a kid!

And here is Chubacca, aka Pickles! Riolu came up with the more creative name lol, I was calling him Pikachubacca before, totally missing the perfect opputrunity :P You can barely see Chewbacca's Bowcaster, but its there! The hoodie makes him even more fluffy to snuggle with!

So this is Sansa, my sleeping Fennein, and Pikazard X! Last Christmas I had gotten my boyfriend (now fiance!) Pikazard Y as a gift, so this year he got me X! Just perfect! Too bad they have to be separated, long distance sucks :(

And here is a little bit of my Johto love! I definitely have a mini side collection of the Johto starters and beasts. Johto has always been my favorite region so I couldt resist having a little side collection of them. You cant really see him in the back, but there is an amazing custom Typhlosion pokedoll. Now that I have him I need to make Feraligatr and Meganium to go with him, if I ever get around to it, lol

I love all these plush, but this is kind of my overflow area haha. I don't have the best room for all of my collection unfortunately.

So this is the main part of my collection. The rest of my Johto loves, most of my pokedolls and other miscelanous plush.

Hehe I just love pokedolls! Haha Swablu is actually a secret base pokedoll, but the US version came out so much smaller than the JP version that I am pretending she is just a normal pokedoll, becasue she is so freaking cute. And Marill is pert of the reason this shelf is higher up. My dog is really good about never tuching any of my plush, but omg he has a thing for Marill. When she was placed lower, I found find him delicately carring Marill around in his mouth wanting to play with it. Lol that had to change.

I wish I could say it still looks this good but that would be a lie, haha! I took this photo last week for twitter, and I'm glad I did because its already a mess :P Its kinda hard to see so I'll just point out me newest loves, the floppy Tomy Pika and Eevee that are dreamily soft, and my custom Noivern from RensTwins! I just love that beauty, and she is so sassy! And of course my Giant minky Suicune, Swee. I always wanted the tomy giant, but I really cant see myself ever buying one, so I made myself a snuggly one!

Here is a better pic of Noivern. She is so SASSY! I still need to come up with a good nickname for ther though. Suggestions welcome!

And the Sylveon blanket on my trunk!  Yep, its already covered in dirty clothes. I really need to clean my room again haha

Well, thats the endo of it! A few guys didnt get shown, like the Milotic plush over my window and my DX Mew, and a few little goodies are still to come in, but I hope you enjoyed it! I hope I didn't forget anything else! Also, I am much better at posting gets on twitter (@pokegirlie) and I love to follow other community members, so dont feel shy to tweet me!
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