Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Small gets

Hello :) I got some really nice items in the last weeks! Some Absol stuff and a cool binder ^o^ Still waiting for the retsuden box q-q Hope to get my Absol stamp. But I see it will receive next week :3




I got an awesome Pokemon bag feat. maaaany Pokemon :D I love the artworks ^^ Thanks goes to riolu

A Pokemon patchin binder! Perfect for my pogs :D

Here are the pogs which I got :)

An Absol custom Pokedoll patch <333 Made by juliefoo! I ask weeks ago if she can make an Absol custom patch :D I love it!


I won an auction because I wanted a card binder for the lamin and magic cards xP I didn't know the binder comes with over 200 lamincards 0.0 So guys... I will include the lamincards to my sales next week ^^ I wanted to post my sales this weekend, but I have no time to make the last pictures xD... Also I have to wait for some stuff that will receive next week.

Also I got man Absol flats but I'm to lazy to include the pictures q-q

By the way, you can check my newest gets on my collection site <3 Thank for reading guys!

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collection site
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