Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hi guys, I'm here with a few reminders!!
First of all the pokemon coins are going to finish on almost two days and most of them are without bids! There are starters, eeveelus, bird trio... and all of them super cheap so don't miss this chance :O Click HERE or on the photo to see the auction
I still have Garchomp and Lucario pokemon time bookmark for trade! Lucario I'd only change it for Shinx or MAYBE Togekiss and Starly but I could trade Garchomp for others too!
And finally, Society6 sales are going to finish tomorrow so you can still get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING + 20% Off Throw Blankets and Pillows
If you'd like to see new designs I'm open to suggestions and commissions, let me know ^^ If you want a digital art like those one, send me a PM


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