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Psychic MoonShadow

Mewtwo Collection Update!

Happy Mew month, and happy birthday to Mewtwo!

To celebrate, I have taken some new photos of my Mewtwo collection!

 photo Mewtwo collection 2016 smal_zpsuboyyeru.jpg
Ta-daaa! I hadn't photographed my Mewtwo collection in about two years, but I've only added a few items, mostly from SSS! I am really proud of the fact that I own every Mewtwo zukan, since I haven't seen anyone else with all 4. :>

 photo Mewtwo pbp_zps8yos2odi.jpg
My one and only Mewtwo plushie: the Play-by-Play backpack! He was a birthday gift from my late grandma; she took me shopping at Toys R Us and let me pick whatever I wanted, and of course I wanted Mewtwo (but the Mew backpack was also tempting)!

Mewtwo flats collection photo DSC07744.jpg
Flats! This photo needs to be updated, but it's the majority of my Mewtwo flat items. It's mostly Topps cards, haha.

DVD collection photo DSC07581.jpg
My Mewtwo movies! (Ignore the Miramax 4-pack, awesome though it is.) I initially got Mewtwo Returns on VHS while on vacation in Florida, and then managed to git it and Mewtwo Strikes Back on DVD from a Blockbuster when it was closing.

Mewtwo belt photo Mewtwobelt_zps38e3a1be.jpg
And lastly, my one Mewtwo wearable item! Of course I initially saw this on the Facebook page of a local geek clothing store, and was so nervous they would be sold out by the time I got there. But lo and behold! I love wearing this belt because it’s kinda subtle - a lot of my shirts cover it up, so I’m like a covert Mewtwo fan. >D

I also wanted to show off my Pokemon games collection!
Pokemon Games photo Pokemon Games small_zpshe429atk.jpg
I'm really quite proud of this! A lot of games belonged to family/friends, or were otherwise bought secondhand. Of course I couldn't include my virtual copes of Gates to Infinity, Bank, Dream Radar and the free-to-play games. Someday, haha.

Also, a quick question: how has everyone's luck been with finding the 20th anniversary stuff at Gamestop/EB Games? None of the EB Games in my area seemed to have the Mew plush, just Pikachu! I decided to call again tonight and they seem to have the Mew plush in now, so I'm going to go tomorrow and hopefully get one! Is anyone else struggling?

And of course, here is a plug for my sales post!

Thanks for reading!

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