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Pokemon TCG XY BREAKPoint Booster Box Opening

I saw someone else post something similar a couple days ago, so if this is not okay, please let me know!

I just wanted to let people here know that I will be streaming opening a BREAKPoint booster box (along with an Aurorus EX Box) at around 9:30 PM CST (so in about 5 mins or so)! I will be talking during the stream, so there will be sound! The stream will be at https://www.twitch.tv/tiamatruler if anyone is interested! ^-^ The booster box is pretty much my second birthday present to myself since my birthday was on the 3rd, it just didn't arrive until now since the technical release date of the set was the same day as my birthday. xD

These are the pulls I got from the booster box and the EX Box!

The normal holos/foils! The only duplicate I got in these was Garbodor, but I'm obviously missing some, I know Suicune for sure. owo The Reverse Valley is just a reverse holo/foil uncommon but I think it looks amazing! I was curious how those trainer cards would look when reverse foil since they pretty much have a full card of art, turns out they just make the whole card foil except for a few parts of the borders!

Well, I didn't pull the secret rare Gyarados like I was hoping, but at least I got a decent variety of EXs and that Full Art Skyla is apparantly valued at $24.99 on Troll and Toad right now according to one of my viewers! And at least I got at least one of the Gyarados cards. xD
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