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Same Species Plush Update!

Today, I randomly felt the desire to share my plush collection grouped by species as opposed to by series like I normally do. Somehow, I think there is something really impressive in seeing all the same Pokemon together. :3

These are pictures of my collections thus far. I only chose to showcase the Pokemon that I have more than two plush of (meaning that poor Reshiram, Zekrom, and Arceus were left out).

My smallest same species collection, Kyogre was in my top three favorites for a while before Gen 5 came along. XP This collection contains mainly pokedolls (i.e. regular pokedoll, oversized pokedoll, and custom DX pokedoll), but I think it's still cool to see them all lined up.

Probably the least coordinated collection I have. XP Anyone ever notice that the purple on most Mewtwo items rarely ever match when placed side by side? It's like someone couldn't decide on the exact shade of purple. XD Nonetheless, Mewtwo was my favorite Pokemon growing up (his pokedoll was also the first I ever owned), so he definitely holds a special place in my heart. :)

Lucario's collection just sort of crept up out of nowhere. First I started with a Kimochi Chat plush, then a pokedoll, then a PC plush, then a custom plush, and before I knew it, Lucarios everywhere. XD Lucario was a bit of late favorite for me too. Most people fell in love with Lucario after the "Mystery of Mew" movie, but for me, I think it was Super Smash Brothers that turned me onto him. At first, I was one of those angry people who thought that Lucario was a Mewtwo-wannabe but after playing with him for some time, I grew to like (and even love) him, hence why I have the silver palette custom Lucario plush. X3

I think every Pokemon fan can't go without having at least one Pikachu item in their collection. XD

Raichu was actually a late favorite as well. I really only began to appreciate Raichu after my best friend and I agreed that she was like a Pikachu and I was like a Raichu. The thing that sealed the deal for me as a Raichu fan though was the pokedoll. I couldn't resist it--it was just sooo cute! From that point on, I became a Raichu fan!

And of course, my favorite Pokemon of all time: Victini! <3 As you can see, Victini has the largest collection of all my Pokemon. It is the Pokemon that sparked my interest in plush collecting. Without Victini, I would not have as many plushies as I have today, which may not have been such a bad thing for my wallet, but it is definitely one of the greatest joys of my life! XD

How big are your same species collections? Feel free to share pictures in the comments! :D

Oh! And I updated my sales today, so click on this link or the banner to check it out:

Thank you, and have a great day/evening! :D
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