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Happy Mewtwo Day! + $1 Auctions!

Well, I suppose Mewtwo's birthday is over in most timezones, but it's still the 6th on the west coast - so I wanted to share a couple Mewtwo items I happened to get in the past month. :)

I have a little free space on my main shelf that I've wanted to fill with some pokedolls, and I just hadn't found one that clicked. Something compelled me to go for a mewtwo pokedoll on Y!J about a month ago, and upon recieving him he seems to be one that fits! He's nice and minky and even came with his hang tag. He looks pretty nice with my other 'dolls that are mostly blue and black.
I also bought a Wii U as a birthday present to myself this past weekend, and mewtwo's amiibo was the most appealing that happened to be in stock. I thought I wouldn't care for the amiibo stuff much, but he's so much fun in smash! It's like training up yr own little pokemon baby ;u;

In the same package as Mewtwo, I also got one of the new Pokemon Sketch pouches from Amazon. While it's a bit smaller than expected (it looks longer in the pictures), I'm very happy with it. Great quality and it fits my art pens quite nicely. I'm tempted to buy another for some of my other supplies. For anyone curious, it's about 4.25" tall, 7" long if you stretch it out, and 2.5" wide.

I hate to be posting the same sales over and over again cause I know it's annoying. SO, I've decided to do some quick $1 auctions! Please take a look at what I have under the cut. Some of my "big ticket" items also have slightly lower prices. I'm open to trades and payment plans!
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from WA, USA
-I come from a smoke free home, but I do have a dog. He stays away from my items but I can't gaurantee that things will be 100% free of hair.

-Prices are in USD, Paypal only.
-Shipping is not included in the price. US starts at $3 for non-flats. International non-flat shipping now starts at $13 (I know, it sucks). I ship anywhere!
-Payment is due within 48 hours unless you speak to me first.

Auction Info
-All auctions will end on Monday, Feb 8th, at 9PM PST
-Bid increments of $1
-I need payment by Monday night in order to ship these things out quickly. If payment is delayed, that's okay but I might have to wait a week to ship.

The Auto-Extension Rule is in place.
-If someone bids within the last five minutes of the auction, then the end time will be extended by five minutes.
-Here's how this works: Auctions ends at 8 PM; Weavile places a bid at 7:56 PM. The auction will now end at 8:05 PM. Absol comes in at 8:04 and places another bid. Now the auction ends at 8:09.
-This means that it's impossible to truly "snipe" the auction. Members are allowed to place their bid at any time within the auction's run time, even if it's just a few minutes from the end. Don't worry - the time WILL be extended!


Big Little Lot of Stuff - Starts @ $1
MIP Gachapon is Machop. (same type of figure as Growlithe)
Pokemon on included Dice (in no specific order): zorua, scraggy, arceus, darkrai, pikachu, gyarados, spikey-eard pichu, piplup, gligar, mightyena & poochyena, venusaur, staraptor, silver celebi, umbreon, torterra, regice, noctowl, landorus, buneary, spearow, eevee, krabby, Dialga, Ash & Pikachu

I'll calc shipping quotes in a little bit!!

Weavile Manget Figure (Pokeball pops open when magnet is underneath; magnet includes some of Weavile's stats and is included) - Starts @ $1
Pokemon Time Sylveon Figure Strap - Starts @ $1
Pokemon Time Glaceon Figure Strap - Starts @ $1
Absolite - Absol Mega Stone - Starts @ $1

Laying Weavile Tomy Plush w/ loose thread - Starts @ $1

Straight Sales

Absol 2003 Banpresto UFO Plush TTO - $85
Poochyena Hasbro Plush TTO - $30

Pokemon Time Eevee Blind Packaged Glitter Tins - $7 each
Pokemon Time sleeping Eevee & Sylveon "secret" glitter tin - $8
Pokemon Time Flareon Rubber Strap (lol yeah I opened it) - $5

Sneasel Clear Kid figure - $4
Sneasel thinkchip figure - $3

MIP Growlithe Battle Museum Figure - $2

I know spring swap is around the corner, but I still want to post my wants again for some of the rarer items on the list. I'm feeling spendy right now so please do let me know if you have any of the more expensive/hard-to-find things on here.

And yes, I'm interested in the Lucario pokedoll pillow. There was one that sold for $100 on Y!J in November, but I believe it was a BIN. Has anyone bought/sold one recently? How much do they typically go for? WOW. I just bought one that came up on ebay for $77!! wtf!!

Lastly, does anyone wanna add me as a friend on miiverse? :3c
Thanks for looking!
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