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Giant Get / Collection Update Part 3 of 3 + Auction News

Hey collectors!

If you were around early in 2014, you may remember the WE ARE Team Rocket promotion from Banpresto. In this promotion, they released toys that were focused only on Team Rocket from the anime series. You can read more about it from an old comm post here. At the centre of this promotion was an item that only 30 people could get their hands on.

This was the promotional poster for the campaign that had instructions on how to enter the raffle draw:

Now two years later, look who's finally made their way down under...

He is just so huge and so amazing!!!!!! I still can't believe I have one of only 30 of these ever made!!!!

Here he is with the rest of my giants including my DX Snorlax, who is the biggest of my DX Pokedolls. As you can see, Snorlax is only about half of Wobbu's height :O Tyranitar is also just shy of a few inches from Wobbu's height!

And here is Latios trying to match up to this monstrous size. Latias is trying not to laugh in front of her brother.

Look at the length of Wobbu's tail! That's about the size of three Pokedolls lined up!

Ah... the smell of MWT goodness! :D

Wobbuffet: Wobbuh-Wobbuh!!!! (Nice to meet y'all!!!)

And that's it for this amazing get! I think I've found a new love for this big blue punching bag.
Thanks for looking!

Auction News:
DX Jirachi and DX Bonsly Pokedolls will be up this coming Wednesday! Look forward to that! :D

To go to my sales/auctions page, simply click the banner below:

On sale: Giant Latias, Salamence Pokedoll, DX Arceus Pokedoll, Shiny Oshawott plush, plus heaps more!!!

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