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Finally a collection update! + gets!

Hey guys,
as promised - here is a collection update! Finally :D Ok, it haven´t changed THAT much xD But I rearranged my room and my collection shelf and decorated it on another way than before! I like it a lot more how it looks yet, esp. my big main collections! I also got some new very exciting stuff!!

Btw, I have posted my updated collection and a new wants-list on my journal for my secret someone! ^_^ I´m so excited for this!

To see my gets and my collection, click the cuts! :D

Also, I wanna share my X chara with my team! xD How does your chara look in the game and what is your team? Do you have a pic of it? Just post it in the comments! :D

1. My get from our member poliwhirl!

What could be inside the box?

BUTTERFREE!!! I won the auction for her butterfree custom figure! And in real, it is 10000000 cuter than it was on the photos! I was absolutely impressed by it! The material is very lightweight and feels like foam rubber! I didn´t know that and was surprised! I really adore this custom and I´m happy I bought it! Thanks again! :D

2. My get from ebay:

What is inside??

A Fennekin!

Fennekin Pokepuff plush!!!!! I randomly found it on ebay and it was offered by a seller from germany! So I haven´t had to wait so long to his arrival...it cost be 30€ which is almost 33 USD and this is expensive to me...But I couldn´t resist on it since I love Pokemon Ami and Fennekin was my starter in my new Pokemon X game! Also it came with this cute tag <3

He is in new condition, even when the fabric looks used on the photo! But it isn´t!
I don´t know what the fabric is called, but it is soooooo soft and cuddly! <3 I wish they will make more pokepuff plushies, like a dedenne!

My Pokemon Collection

I rearranged my Pokemon Collection and finally made this update!
I´m proud of how it turned out, even when I haven´t changed a lot!
But I rearranged my whole room and it is 1000000 times better than before so I´m really happy about! :D
For my Secret Someone: Here you can see everything I still own!

This is my collection shelf! I know it look pretty poor in comparison to other collections.
But I like it when I don´t have to much and it looks more decent!
I´m even not a very serious collector to be honest,
I prefer keep only the things I really love instead of collecting everything which exists!

1. Collection: Electric mice!
Raichu is my favourite I think, but I really love Dedenne a lot! Of course also Pikachu and Pichu!

2. Collection: Caterpie, Metapod & Butterfree
This is my biggest collection of all! I love the caterpie line a lot! They´re so cute and beautifully designed!
Because I have a liking for real butterflies and for bugs in generel as I was a child, I decide to collect them!
Also because of their colors I think!

Here are my TOP customs I own! The big light-up caterpie figure is made by kyreon and I bought it on etsy! It is really wonderful! And secondly, my newest custom figure made by poliwhirl, a pink butterfree! You cannot believe how lightweight it is! It is made from any clay, but it is more like foam rubber! The three cookies are also made by poliwhirl!

I also extremely love the caterpie and butterfree bookmarks from agui-chan! I commissioned them and they´re exactly my taste! :D
I love the colors and pattern!!

3. Collection: Heracross & Ledyba
Besides the caterpie line, these are my favourite bug-type pokemon!

Other Collections: ........
Here are all my other Pokemon things I own! There are mixed-up and side collections.

I love how colorful it looks! Here are some of my favourite TCG artworks and other Pokemon and merch I love.
Big favourite of mine are bulbasaur and venusaur!

Battle museum figures! I love how detailed and cute the little figures are!

Plushies! I bought me the hasbro poliwhirl just for the old childhood feelings! I got this supercute Pelipper banpresto from starrypurrloin as a trade! And I love the bulbasaur pokedoll I bought me last year for my birthday!
I ordered the venusaur pokedoll and can´t wait to get it!

My I love espeon plushies I got from my secret someone last year!
This shelf look really poor! xD But I think I can arrange something to make this better! Any suggestions? :)

My new Fennekin with Pokepuff plush sitting on my nighttable!

On the arrivel to me:

I cannot wait to get these cuties! I hope they will arrive and doesn´t get lost in the mail or something!

Thanks all for looking!^^
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