mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New get :D

So it's been like ages since I have really gotten anything off my wants list... Actually a year and 3 months to be exact. I made a splurge for this reason (I'm typically a cheapo and will be very patient until I find a price I'm willing to pay.) What did I get?


Da duh da! The infamous Houndour Pokedoll! This guy is the 2006 American release. He has no tags whatsoever and isn't in the best condition. Lucky for me I'm not picky when it comes to tags or conditions. I gave him a de-pill brushing and he looked so much better than the way I recieved him. (That guide can be found here for those who have not seen my guide to de-pilling loved dolls.) I'm not thrlled with the eye stitching, but that could just be the way he was made. Regardless, he's a bad-ass Pokedoll!

To those wondering (since it's been awhile since one has been for sale), got him in a private sale for $155, which is pretty fair for te condition he is in.

Here he is with my favorite Pokedolls in my off-campus place. The rest my Pokedolls remain at home. I am pretty happy with my collection thus far, but I stil need more!

Smoochum is my current grail, and she keeps escaping my finger tips. She has also had quite the range in price as well from the most recent sales of her. I am willing to pay around $300 for her at this time, which probably seems low but I know if I'm patient enough I'll find one for that. The other guys I am patient about and will get when I find the right price. I rarely pay full price-- patience is key my fellow collectors. I am by no means an impulse buyer. :)

That's all for now... I have a few additions to add to my horrors of completed listings saga, so I'll make a post when I get them up on my site. Thanks!

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