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Contest Entry and Pokémon Advent Calendar ^.^

Hey! This is my first post in a while and I wanted to share with you my contest entry
Enjoy:Photobucket On this picture is:
Banpresto 10th Movie Buizel
Banpresto 2005 Fuzzy Lucario UFO
Treecko Pokedoll
Buneary Jakks Plush
Manaphy Jakks Plush
Shaymin Skyforme 2008
 Christmas 2007 Aipom Banpresto
. and a Giant rudolph my Dad won at his work. It taken me ages to get rudolph to sit up! My original idea had Aipom on the star, but he fell off and got stuck in some presents! Also here is my TCG advent calendar:
Photobucket That was when it hadnt been opened now it has been. around Boxing day-ish I will post pictures of all of the cards!
Thanks for reading!
And also a Very Big Thanks to miss_fuu_chan  for her Group plush auction in which i have bought around 6 plushies!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all have a great time!
Christmas Wishes from Davidaipom ~
Tags: aipom, buizel, buneary, contest, lucario, manaphy, plush, shaymin, treecko
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