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January gets

Hello everyone and Happy Fire Monkey Year o/

This post is a little belated because of busy time ^^
But I really want to share my recent gets with you :)

Let's start with beautiful custom goods from +Poke Box+

A nice clear file with perfect mash-up between Pokémon and Toy Story :)
And the amazing Tarot cards I've wanted for a while. Incredible work!
Cards pictures:

Then, the elusive Swablu Secret Base Pokédoll that I've been able to get thanks to gsc_fanboy So cute and fluffy :3

Some Banpresto plushies

Do you also have the impression that some MPC sets are produced in lower quantity ? Because it's what I feel for this set. Anyway I'm very happy to own it. I think I'm falling in love with Porygon-Z (Actually I think Porygon2 is my favorite but I definitely can't afford it haha)
This Ho-oh is an Ichiban Kuji prize I found by chance ^^ The string is missing but other than that he is in great condition.

More Banpresto plushies

Those Lati@s are so cute :3 However my preference goes to Primal Groudon ^^

God Arceus sparkling among the stars.

Some MonCollé and Amiibo figures

I really like this Mega Charizard Y new pose.

Sleeping friends

Bulbasaur design is the same as the plush. So, could we hope for a plush release of the other two Starters ? *O*

Besides I was finally able to get this adorable Bulby plush after a sold out period.

OMG this face <3

And let's end with gets which needed group shots.

Arcanine PC

The fur <3 If only I had the Banpresto one, it would be perfect!

Dragonair & Dragonite PC

Comparison with the Pokémon Times versions. Very different styles but I love them both :)

I also made a comparison between 2015 (left) and 2013 (right) Dragonite

2015 version is softer and looks more chubby and cute imo.

Wailord San-ei Boeki

The Wailord tower ^^ As you can see the design is very similar to the PC one but a bit smaller.

Thank you for reading :3

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