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Group Auction won!

Those who participated in the Eeveelution towel group auction, we won! I got the invoice faster than expected. I'm adding a tiny bit on for the internal shipping, which was a bit more than I thought it would be, but after you pay this you won't have to pay anything else--I'll just ship you your towels when they arrive. ^^

kiraras_lemon -- $26.50 total ($19 for two towels, $4 for shipping, $1 for Paypal fees, and $2.50 to help cover internal shipping.)
fernchu -- $15.76 total ($10 for towel, $2.50 for shipping, $.76 for Paypal fees, and $2.50 to help cover internal shipping)

Please pay to phoenixfreedom AT yahoo.com and write what you bid on in the the memo, and that's it! Thanks!

Those who have bought things from me in the last week--I am most likely shipping out sometime between Monday and Wednesday.

I also have a Leaf Green for sale for $15 + shipping if anyone is interested! It doesn't come with its case, but it works great!
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