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Sparkly get

Yesterday I got a package from kitzune, much to my surprise because it arrived SUPER fast, probably the fastest package I've ever received from Japan (thank you again for doing the pickup! <3). In it was one of the lovely Poke Kyun limited edition boxes, and what can I tell you, it's simply gorgeous! I also got pretty lucky with the booster packs, more pictures under the cut. :)

It doesn't show but cardboard of the actual box is shiny and very sturdy. I expected it to be more thin so that was a nice surprise.

I'm not usually a fan of Shaymin but that card is just adorable~ And I love all the details on the box itself. The stickers feature the Pokemon from the box art and are so glittery, way too pretty for actual use haha. I can't get enough of this design!

So many awesome cards in just 4 boosters! I freaked out when I pulled the first Meowstic already, but I even managed to get two! The illustration is probably my favorite so far, and pictures don't do its glittery awesomeness justice at all. Espurr is so so precious as well! And I can't believe I was so lucky to get the Flareon Ex - one of my absolute favorites of this set! Maximum excitement levels - in just 4 booster packs haha.

I can say this is easily my favorite TCG set so far. It features everything I had ever hoped for and I strongly recommend getting one box for yourself while you still can. :) Thank you for reading~!
Tags: cards, charmander, collection, diancie, espurr, flareon, jirachi, meowstic, shaymin, sylveon
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