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Something in this picture does not belong...

It's a MAMOOOOOOOOOOOOO bell plush for mamoswine

Mamoswine BP
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

I told the chat I would do this. 8U Mamoface is contagious!

I've also finished two others since my large gift post that could be seen in my contest entry, pretty much all plush that I make for now will be commission type things in which I will take a request and decide if I can make it, then make the plush and agree on a price with the commissioner. :3 But right now I'm not taking any requests until I finish the Rotom forms.

Frost Rotom BP
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

Spin Rotom BP
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART
Tags: bell plush, custom, mamoswine, plush, rotom
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