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TCG Card Art Discussion

Hello!~ Today, I want to talk about cards!

Does anyone here collect cards that are drawn by a specific artist? I'd love to see pictures, or just talk about them! :)

Recently I've been enamoured by the art in Pokemon cards. I've never paid much attention to them, but I chanced upon a photo of one of Tomokazu Komiya's art and I absolute love it! I did a little digging and found a few more artists' that I like, and it really tempts me to collect their cards. But pokemon cards are tough to collect haha, especially when I google about the artists' cards and the amount is close to 300....

Here are some of my favourite TCG artists!

Tomokazu Komiya

I just love his unique style! I've seen lots of complaints about his work, but I think it looks great. His art really stands out amongst all the others, and it was what made me interested in tcg cards.

Kanako Eo

I found out about Kanako Eo while scrutinising the newest Pokekyun Shaymin card. Her art style is so simple, clean yet distinctive and adorable! I wonder if there's any merchandise that features her art...?


Kawayoo has a very different art style. Their art is more rough or realistic (?) and makes everything look super cool. I especially love that particular Zoroark card! <3


I actually remember this artist from someone else's post on the comm! They collected TOKIYA's cards, and I can see why they would! The art style is (kind of) similar to kawayoo's, and I love how detailed the backgrounds are. That particular ninetales card is gorgeous! Loving the electric sparks on Joltik's card.

Do you have favourite tcg artists? Who are they? Tell me!! Let's talk about art!!!

I'm sure there's much more, but these 4 are my favourites so far. I wish they sold packs of cards that only came from a particular artist so I could buy some, haha. (nah.. it wouldn't be profitable probably x_x)
I'm considering collecting normal cards from these artists, but I don't want to blow a hole in my pocket. How much are normal cards worth? I don't need them to be holos or anything rare. If you have any that you'd like to sell for cheap, let me know and I'll consider it! ^^

Also, I'm really contemplating getting this TCG Art Book, but I'm not sure what's a good price for it/is it still available in Japan? :o If anyone has it, is it worth the price? (around $40+ on ebay). I'm afraid of purchasing it and getting pages of text or something, haha.

Do you collect TCG?


Also, I added a several Hanafuda items and the leftover auction stuff to my sales post! Prices of almost everything has been reduced!

Have a nice week ahead! :)
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