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A special chubby get

A couple days ago I was having issues with a parcel that had vanished but things got sorted out as I was able to pick it up at a local post office. I also took the opportunity while out to get the Mew event card and to pre-order Pokken Tournement >u> so excited~

But I am so happy to have my package in hand and here is the adorable little pudge muffin that was inside...(more under cut)

So here he is from all angles and yes his name is Pudge xD
This is the 2002 Banpresto Latios game catcher prize.

Unfortunately he has no tags but that's ok since it's so hard to come accross I'm not going to be picky xD
I missed out on an auction about 6 months or so ago on a lot that had this plush in it. I tried to track down the person who won the lot but to no avail so I just waited for another to pop up. Lo-and-behold one did half a year later lol. I was lucky enough to be the only one bidding on it so I finally got this little guy who had been aluding my grasp.

I find it notable that all the embroidery detail on this guy is actually pink instead of red. I wasn't sure if other photos I had seen of the plush were just in poor lighting but nope it's noticably pink. Here he is next to the PC 2015 Latios for compatison.


I'll need to take  pic of my whole Latios collection but I'm gonna hold off for a while because I'll be adding another blue plane dragon to my collection very soon >u<

Thanks for reading ( ^ - ^)/
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