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raichu wants + updated sales

Hi everyone, I have some questions about these raichu items. I'm looking for the can badge (at bottom of picture next to mirror) I know they came out a few months ago but I have not seen any information about them since, does anyone own one/know where I can get one?

I'm also interested in the bags from this promotion, does anyone own them/sell them? do you know the average price of them?

(pictures from

I've also updated my sales and lowered prices, please take a look you if you are interested! I have: vileplume lot, leafeon and espeon items, snivy and tepig items, canvas plushies everything is also obo so don't be afraid to haggle

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 10/20/15
-my feedback
-I ship from US, prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated
-I'm not shipping internationally at the moment, sorry
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 48 hours or negative feedback will be given
-I won't sell to banned pkmncollectors members
-Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or are committed, backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback
-I'm not responsible for any issues after package has been shipped out
-Haggling is fine, but I'm not interested in trades
-All other community rules apply
Tags: raichu, sales
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