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Contest Entry

Hi! ^^
I'm here saying that happyjolteon and  tamago226 's PokéKids are now on my hands. Thank you so much! <333
I'm still waiting for some packages that I'm sure they'll be arriving this week and I couldn't resist posting my entry for the contest ^v^

This is my entry ^^

There are actually three X-mas trees. The bigger with the lights and such is our main tree (and here is hugging DX Lucario <3 because is my biggest Lucario plush. Mr. Santa is having fun too 8D
The Pikachu you can see there is a decoration I did back in 2001, when I was only a child. It's a picture of Pikachu and the Pichu bros. running happily ^^

Then we have a smaller tree (with peach adornments XD I love peachs!) near the Lucario Pokédoll, which is my smallest Lucario plush (and Ho-Oh seems to be too shy to join the party!) And Mew PokéKid looks so cute on Lucario's head ^^

And then we have an EVEN SMALLER X-mas tree with the Lucario PokéKid (and here is Rudolfmin fooling around too!)

Here are Lucario and Mr. Santa 8D

The smallest tree, with Lucario and Rudolfmin.

Both small trees.

The stalker's view.

And a panoramic view <3
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