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Card sales and reduced prices!

Finally got my card sales together! Ranging through every generation with a little bit of everything available, though mostly from recent sets. For people building decks especially I have a huge range of trainer cards since I don't collect them - prices are all very fair with Commons/Energies/Trainers at $0.10, Uncommons at $0.25, and Rares at $0.50. Please take a look and click the link below!

Shinami's Card Shoppe

For the rest of my sales, some prices have been reduced! I'm moving next month so haggling is always welcome.

Sales Rules
I was granted sales permission on March 20, 2015 by areica96.
My feedback:
I always leave feedback, so please do in return! If there is a problem please contact me before leaving negative feedback so we can figure out something.
All Pkmncollector rules apply.

I will not sell to banned members or non-members.
Neutral/Negative feedback may be left for backing out of sales! Please do not do this.

-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees unless stated
-Feel free to haggle but don't be insulted if I turn down your offer
-Bolded items are on hold, crossed out items have been sold
-My home is smoke-free but I do have two hypoallergenic (non-shedding) dogs
-More pictures can be provided if asked but I do work a full time job until late and may be slow getting back to you

-I ship from Ohio, USA and only ship in the USA, sorry
-Cards can be shipped either in envelopes if a small amount or in bubble mailers, protection of course being provided. If you do choose the envelope option there is a chance it can get lost in the mail (it has happened to me) and if so I take no responsibility for that.
-I default to bubble mailers and First Class, unless a box is needed
-If you want to make any other kind of shipping arrangements please ask

-I accept PayPal only in USD
-Payment is due within 24 hours of sales confirmation unless other arrangements were made
-Please write your LJ username and what you bought in the note when paying
-I do accept trades or partial trades, I collect Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist, Banette, Sceptile, Mawile, Clefairy/Cleffa, Audino, and Chatot

-Please be clear when asking for a quote; if you just say ”This item to 45236” then I will assume you are committed. A quote will grant you a hold for 24 hours. Asking about shipping will be considered a quote.
-If you are committed but need some time I am willing to do holds. This differs from case to case so please ask.
-Comments only, do not PM me to claim items as that is unfair to others

My rules are pretty concise, I hope you read them!

Onto the items!
My camera is awful haha and the autofocus barely works if ever - if you need better pics feel free to ask!

(Farfetch'd, both Fennekin, and Chespin are US)
Nurse Audino Banpresto MWT - $17
Clefairy, Reversible Pokeball plush - $2
Chespin Tomy MWT - $8
Custom Ditto plush (minky) - $9
Pouch Vulpix plush MWT - $18
Snowman Fennekin MWT - $18
Fennekin Pokedoll MWT - $10 (tag has a very small crease in middle, came that way)
Farfetch'd petit MWT - $6
Ducklett Pokedoll TTO - $11
Fletchinder MPC MWT - $10

Amaura Pokecen Plush US MWT - $9

We Are Team Rocket Pumpkaboo keychain figure - $7
(Packaging was heavily damaged in transit but the figure is perfectly fine)

Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin TCG figures - $2 each
We Are Team Rocket Inkay keychain figure - $3
Reshiram DX Kid - $4
Articuno DX Kid - $1 (stain on wing)
Manectric and Mudkip Chess figures - $4 each
Kirlia and Kyogre Chess figures - $3 each
Torkoal Chess figure - $1
Clefairy and Clefable Copper metal figures - $3 each
Treecko Gold and Gunmetal figures - $5 each
Wooper swing charm - $1
Hand-painted Lapras hermit crab shell - Free, I really hope a hermit crab gets to use it!

Phantump and Trevenant metal charms (US) - $3
Mega Mawile metal charms - $9
Small ORAS and Legendaries card binders - $0.50 each
TCG custom card charms - $0.25 each
Pokewalker, currently untested but am willing to test if interest - $5? Unsure of price.
Pumpkaboo custom charm (shiny Pumpkaboo on back!) - $1
ORAS pencils - $0.10 each, one free with purchase

Large sticker sheets - $0.50 each
Kid Figure stickers - $0.25 each or one free with purchase - Aurorus
Xerneas (holo), Yveltal (holo), and Sylveon stickers - $0.50 each
Sylveon Kid figure box - $0.50
Banette Amada, Aurorus Trozei - $0.25

Pikachu, Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie coins - $0.25 each
Team Magma coin (came kinda scuffy looking?) - $0.25
Genesect, Xerneas, Deoxys, Yveltal, Aqua, Mega Rayquaza (gold), Hoopa, and Steelix coins - $1 each
Old Rayquaza coin, RSE era, very good condition! - $3
Very old Pikachu coin, worn - $1
1999 Chansey coin, pristine - $3
Primape battle coin - $0.50
Sandshrew button badge - $0.25
Fearow 151 button badge - $1
Lugia movie coins - $2 each
Pikachu and Hoopa pin badges - $3 each

Kyogre and Chesnaught tins - $3 each
Darkrai and Lugia tins - $5 each
All Mega Rayquaza items together - $10

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist card - $1
Pumpkaboo spice packet (Mega Rayquaza on back) - $2
Kid stickers - $0.50 each
Pogs - free
Custom Dragonair and Gengar stickers - $0.25
Trozei stickers - $0.25 each (Reshiram - $1.00)
Regular size (medium) stickers - $0.25 each
Tiny stickers - free (Sceptile)
Tiny Cleffa magnet - $0.25
Crazy Rare Glittery Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist stickers - $2 each or $3 together
Merlin stickers - $0.25 each (Sceptile)

Cardass (???) cards - $1 each, $3 for all Clefairy line cards together
Popup Cleffa card - $0.50
Holo Sceptile, Treecko Grovyle Sceptile lenticular cards - $2 each
Pokebox Tarot card - $3
Darkrai sticker - $0.25
Mawile lenticular - $1
Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist pages - $0.50 each
(one has Dragonair on the back, the other Lotad and Lombre, the other just more Gourgeist)

Clefairy and Mr. Mime postcard - $5
Mega Banette calendar sticker - $1
Regular Amadas and 3D Pokedex stickers - $0.25 each
Holo Amadas - $1 each

Pokemon Center shopping bags!
Yellow + Green - $1 each or one free with a purchase of $10 or more
Color - $2 or free with a purchase of $20 or more

Variety of old figures! Range from free to $5, please inquire about specific ones. Most are free/extremely cheap. I won't count as commitments of course. Condition varies wildly from parts missing, writing, scuffs, chipped paint, and then some are in pretty good condition for being passed through my cousin to me. Feel free to ask for pics!

SOLD: Both Gengar, Both larger Squirtles, Flareon, Alakazam, Wartortle, Staryu, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Charizard, Zapdos, both Mighty Beans, Pikachu+Meowth combo, Eevee, tiny Vaporeon, Quilava

Freebies! You can have one with whatever then for a second onward one per every $5 spent.

GONE: Pikachu stickers, Merlin stickers

Please give me time for quotes, I work and have a lot of things to do and might not be the quickest at getting back with you, but a request for a quote is a hold in my book so don't worry!

For non Pokemon sales check my Ebay by clicking anywhere on this sentance! I have some Fire Emblem Cipher TCG promos, some Lolita fashion I'm cleaning out of my closet, and other things I'll be putting up through the days. Some of my plush are on there for a little bit more than on here.

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