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✿ New Things, Wants, and Website Update!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

So i have some exciting news!! I'd like ya'll to take a good hard look at this photo:

First!! In the photo above you'll notice JOHTO JOURNEYS FINALLY HAS A COMPLETE DVD SEASON SET!! I remember a few years ago trying to contact Pokemon as much as i could asking them to do this, and i was so disappointed that i ended up buying a bootleg set from malaysia. It was terrible! I still have it, and it was really blurry with crappy subtitles in other languages xD I stumbled upon this at Target yesterday and freaked out. So check your local Targets!! Or Amazon!
This is the very first unofficial plush of zigzagoon!! I get alerts on my phone when new things are listed, and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this one!! I actually got the very first zig that was listed on Ebay!! :D Here are some photos to compare with Winston:

He's so big and floppy! Also, i've named him Oly!

If you look closely in this pic, Oly has a very unique feature! His front right paw pad is brown instead of cream like the rest of his leg!! xD I thought it was pretty cute. This is the ONLY unofficial plush in my collection and it will definitely stay that way unless they make a linoone as well hehe. I'm just happy to see zig getting some recognition even if it is from non-pokemon companies. Since Pokemon doesn't really notice him or linoone at all... ;n;

Anyhoo... i know i owe you all a huge gets post but my week has been so busy that you just aren't getting one yet sorry! xD Spring is around the corner though and ill have to update my website so ill do it then!

Nexttt upp is my everlasting never ending search for these items!! Please halp!!

*Click the banner above for more wishes!!*

Annnddd last but not least!
I've made a huge revamp of my website!! There are no new items listed, but everything has moved around if you'd like to take a peek!! Click the banner below to go!

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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